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Participants: Stage Right Performing Arts Show Choirs:     

           Vocalites, Vocalation & Vocamotion

Timeframe: February 14 - March 14, 2018

Hosted By: Stage Right Boosters

About the Campaign:

Snap-Raise (an online fundraiser like “Go Fund Me”) is going to produce a website featuring a short video of our younger choirs with information about what our fundraising will support, namely Scholarships and our Capital Campaign.


The website will also feature an individual profile page of each student. This will be a 50/50 campaign with 50% of the funds going to the Stage Right Arts Foundation Scholarship Fund and 50% going to the Stage Right Arts Foundation Capital Campaign. By doing 50/50, we are equally supporting immediate need and long-term venue needs.

Launch of Campaign

February 14, 2018

Updates provided as we hit goals!
Conclusion of Campaign
March 14, 2018

Stage Right Arts Foundation Scholarship Fund

This fund makes performing arts programs in Kansas City accessible to all, regardless of means. It is the eventual goal of this fund to provide financial assistance to students who want to participate in a range of arts education programs around the KC Metro. Remember, scholarships not only help families with on-going financial need, but also in times of temporary financial devastation caused by job-loss, home disaster or an number of financial challenges that can hit a family unexpectedly. Together, we can make sure no child has to lose their arts education when financial disaster hits the family.

Stage Right Arts Foundation Scholarship Program
A Capital Campaign for a space is also critical for the arts education future of KC, as venue rental costs continue to raise and availability continues to diminish, youth programs are faced with increasing tuition prices to students to compete with professional companies vying for the same spaces. KC is an arts community and while that comes with MANY benefits, youth organizations, which already are on a limited budget, face difficulties finding a place for students to perform that's safe and inviting.


Our goal is to eventually have our own space, with rehearsal and performance areas for arts organizations all over KC. From private instructors to dance companies to performing arts organizations, we want a financially accessible space for the future of the arts industry to thrive.



  • Level 1 ($100 - $249 Raised)

    • Student gets 1 entry in a raffle for a 6 week acting class ($125) for the 2018-19 school year.

  • Level 2 ($250 - $499 Raised)

    • Students get Level 1 incentive, PLUS 1 entry in raffle for a Stage Right 2018 Summer Camp ($450 value).

  • Level 3 ($500 - $749 Raised)

    • Student gets Levels 1 & 2 incentives, PLUS 1 entry in a raffle for a 2018-19 Young Professionals Program (grades 6-12; $1500 value) OR for grades K-5, they will receive 4 Sessions for Imagination Workshop (ages 4-6) or Acting Jr. (grades 1-5) or 1 year of Vocalite or Vocalation show choir tuition (grades K-6) (~$600 value). 

  • Level 4 (​$750 - $1499 Raised)

    • Student gets 2 raffle entries for the above prizes.

  • Level 5 ($1500+ Raised)​

    • Student gets 5 raffle entries for the above prizes.​

All incentive items have been donated to the Stage Right Arts Foundation by Stage Right Performing Arts, LLC for this fundraising effort. Each student may only win one prize (highest value) and families may use the prize for the winning student or a sibling. Winner will be drawn at random for students who reach these goals through their specific SnapRaise fundraising pages as of March 14, 2018. Winners selected March 20, 2018.

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